Brats & Breakfast and I ain’t so sure.

Yum, one of my favorite breakfasts. Egg in a hole with a side of sausage. The sausage is something new I found at the local grocery. I figure it is always worth at least one try. And the new brats weren’t so bad, but they weren’t that great either.
Over the last six months our local Raley’s has pumped up their sausage selection. I find it interesting with today’s low fat diets, then I giggle with excitement digging for something new to try. This time I noticed Johnsonville has something called Beer & Brats – with real Wisconsen Beer. Personally I don’t believe that is something anyone should brag about, let alone put on a label. Another strike against them are the fact they are pre-cooked. I know why they’re doing it. They last longer for the grocer and there is lower chance of getting a bad hunk of meat. But they just don’t thrill me.
As you can see they cook up nice looking, along with the white onions and eggyhole. I suppose they were okay, but I probably won’t buy them again.

2 thoughts on “Brats & Breakfast and I ain’t so sure.

  1. My only regret was that the sausage was too dang salty, even for me, a a salt-loving fiend. The onions, however, did help soak up some of the saline. We need more fried onions with our meals. I noticed that the sliced kiwis (which were dee-lish) didn’t make it into the shot. Is there no love for our foreign fruit friends?

  2. Whew, for a minute I thought Brats referred to kids and I was getting anxious under the wig about that! Well, sausages with beer wouldn’t be too bad for non-appointment late morning meal. But, the NaCl factor might not be good for people who must avoid that substance. I never heard of egg in a hole before and it looks good. In foreign lands, maybe it is called something else.